mrs-styles-one-direction asked:
hi sorry for bothering you I would like to know if you write personal imagines.. Please send me a message and let me know thanks

no not at the moment


Hiiii guys. Someone on anon asked, “Hi (: can you make a part 2 to your Zayn imagine called Secret? Please and thank you!” a while ago. 

What do you think? Should I make a second part to Secret?

If you haven’t read Secret, read it here

Message me “YES” if I should write a part two.. xoxoxoxo


Anonymous asked:
Just saying you should make your characters wear condoms in your stories. Every little bit of sex ed helps!

im laughing 


Homewrecker - Prologue

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It’s based off of the song Homewrecker by Marina and the Diamonds. It’s probs gonna be super intense and I already wrote the prologue and a lot of the actual story…. I’m excited.

The boy in it is Harry. He’s not famous or in One Direction in it lol ~~

ok basically I’m gonna post the prologue in a minute :))


Anonymous asked:
im so wet oh it feels good thank you

Oh…. Okay. 

Anonymous asked:
Hi Niall.. You are the hawtest creature ever :* <3


Anonymous asked:
Are you used to having sex because I love your story so much

Thank you!

I’m a virgin.

Anonymous asked:
I miss you on your blog. :(

i haven’t written lately, i know. :( sorry

Anonymous asked:
I've seen all these fancfictions on other websites

Umm… actually, no? I write these on the spot. I don’t steal work, that’s pathetic and rude. Link me to these websites you’ve supposedly seen them on? I bet you won’t (because you’re lying) because I have never stolen another writer’s work. Thanks. Bye.